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What is GOATD?

GOATD is a digital brand built for fans by elite athletes.
Inspired by Nathan Lyon's desire to give back to his game, GOATD's vision is to redefine how fans access their favourite athletes.
By owning a GOATD Digital Pass, fans join a community with access to all new unscripted & unfiltered video content, live video streams, merchandise, meets and greets with world leading athletes, starting with Nathan Lyon.
GOATD's purpose is to connect, inspire, elevate & share.
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How GOATD works

You become a Member of GOATD when you Register on the website. Members then choose too either:
Earn Badges to unlock rewards to a limited range of videos to preview the exclusive athlete content on the site, or
Buy a Digital Pass and get immediate access to all videos and benefits in the athlete content allowed by the type of Pass purchased.

Digital Passes

GOATD Badges and Digital Passes are collectibles.
Passes come in different “collections”, “seasons” and “types”, which are collectively known as “attributes”. The specific attributes for a Pass or Badge will affect the different rewards you can unlock with that Pass or Badge.
Whilst most Badges are issued for free, only a limited number of Passes are issued.
Badges and Pass types include “common”, “rare”, “EPIC” or “Legendary”. The attributes of each Badge or Pass are displayed by clicking on the badge and within your Trophy Room along with a summary of your Total Collection.
Passes and Badges are issued as NFT's (non-fungible tokens) and may be transferred between members in accordance with the GOATD Membership Terms.


The athletes on GOATD release Passes in “drops” to coincide with the season or seasons in which that athlete releases content. For example, Nathan Lyon has released an initial drop for season 1 and plans in future to release a new drop for season 2.
Athlete's may offer just 1 season, or they may offer more.
Each season has a specified start date and an end date - such as 12 months.
Videos and benefits must be viewed or claimed within that period, or they will expire.
You can choose to follow one athlete by purchasing a Pass for each season drop, or you can follow multiple athletes by buying Passes to different athletes seasons - it's your choice.
Some Digital Passes may offer Members free future drops or early access to purchase a future drop prior to public release - this is detailed next to where you buy your Pass on the website.

Nathan Lyon Genesis Season 1

Nathan Lyon is the first athlete on the GOATD Platform hence his season 1 drop is called a Genesis drop – meaning the first.
This season offers 6 Genesis Badges for limited access to content plus 2 tiers of Genesis Passes - a Standard tier called the GOATD Genesis Pass, and an exclusive tier is called the Legendary Genesis Pass.
GOATD Nathan Lyon Season 1 Badges

Ultimate keys to GOATD

genesis passes

Members who buy a Genesis Pass receive the following benefits.
Only a maximum of 500 Legendary Genesis Passes will be issued in Nathan Lyon Season 1 and holders will be eligible to claim one free Pass to each future athlete season 1 Drop on GOATD and eligible to claim one free Pass to each future Nathan Lyon Season drop. To be eligible, a holder must own a Legendary Genesis Pass at the time a claim is made.
GOATD Genesis Pass holders will receive early access to buy one Pass to each future Nathan Lyon Season prior to the public drop.
Nathan is the first athlete on GOATD, and we will announce future athletes when they are signed.

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Digital Collectibles

Every GOATD athlete will have full control of everything they drop. It's an opportunity for athletes to share with their fans, unique and completely personal experiences and digital collectibles.
Get GOATD and build your digital collection.
GOATD Athlete Collectibles

The team

GOATD is family-led initiative, but we're supported by an incredible team who believe

Mike MCCarthy

Founder CEO & Former insurance exec + private investor

Nathan Lyon

Founder & Australian International cricketer

Emma Lyon

Founder CMO

Nancy McDonald

PR Partner


Strategic & Technical Advisor

Lisa Teh

Strategic & Marketing Advisor

Mitch O'Connor

Content & Media Partner

Chris Gordon



Strategic & Technical Partners


Legal Partners


Digital Asset Infrastructure Partner


Platform Partner


GOATD acknowledges the Gadigal people of the Eora nation who remain the spiritual and cultural custodians of the land on which we live and work. We recognise their continued connection to the land and water and pay our respects to Elders past and present. We extend that respect to all First nations people who work and live on this land today.